eye bags removal in singapore

How did I get these bags under my eyes?

One of the most common complaints, for anyone who looks older than their age, would be that of two pouches under the eyes that wreak havoc – eyebags. These saggy puffs that develop in a range of sizes are a result of issues like stress, allergies, overgrowth of protruding fat and the more common causes – aging and heredity.

Our eyes are the windows to the soul so it is no surprise that they are protected and cushioned by fats. However, the trouble starts with the double whammy of gravity taking its toll and the aging process playing catchup. Once the candles on our birthday cakes start increasing, the amount of collagen we naturally produce starts its decline. The delicate and soft areas around our eyes start losing their pliancy, thus creating saggy skin that can hold fluid as well as fats.

Skin elasticity is so crucial that once parts of our body start drooping, our hearts plummet at the same speed. The downward pull of the weight of the accumulated fats around the eye will cause a pocket to form over time thus resulting in puffy eyebags. However, not all eyebags are the result of fatty tissue. In some cases, chronic fluid retention or swelling can cause malar bags to form. These bags are different from regular eyebags, and not just because they hold fluid instead of fatty tissue.

If you press on the swollen bag and you feel the bone of the lower eye socket or cheek, chances are you have the more unfortunate case of malar bags which cannot be reduced by surgery whereas eyebags that tend to have more give in the tissues are more likely to be caused by fats and are, luckily, surgically removable.

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