evolution of eyebags

The evolution of the eyebag

Different Stages of Eye bags

type 1 - stages of eye bags
Type 1

This image shows the first stage of the formation of an eyebag. Mild fats have accumulated under the eyes although, at this level, they are not prominent but are noticeable if you look upwards. You should consider selfie sticks and looking upwards for any and all future photos.

type 2 - stages of eye bags
Type 2

This picture shows the extent to which the eyebags can expand to. At this juncture, it is noticeable that the gathered fats have formed prominent semi-circles under the eyes giving the appearance of tired eyes.

type 3 - stages of eye bags
Type 3

By this point, huge quantities of fatty tissue have taken up more space under the eyes. The protruding skin is now extremely prominent and makes the rest of the face look aged, drawn and haggard. Makeup can do wonders but I’m sure this is one miracle that even makeup won’t be able to conceal any time soon.

Did you know?

While researching for this blog entry, (I do the research so you don’t have to, you’re welcome!) I stumbled across some beauty pageant blog entires that made me sit up and take notice. Lo and behold! Some ladies had actually gone under the knife. Mrs Singapore World 2015’s First Runner Up, Diana Ong had gone for the Scarless Eyebag Removal procedure too.

The differences between the ‘before and after’ images were quite remarkable; the before photos showed visible bags even though she must have tried to skilfully apply concealer but the post-surgery photos revealed flawless skin under her eyes. I would have thought she had hit the beauty jackpot, not just a beauty competition, if she had not spilled the beans about her surgery with Dr Shens in a blog post.

If you’re not sold yet, check out her blog here: http://dianaongsp.blogspot.sg/2016/02/eyebag-procedure-shens-clinic.html – The Eyebag Removal Procedure.

If you’re interested about her entire experience, including the recovery, take a look at: http://dianaongsp.blogspot.sg/2016/02/the-recovery.html.